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David Thrift Founder and Owner of The Junkyard Blogs & Business Directory David Thrift – Alabama resident (Georgia boy at heart), veteran, Founder/Owner/Editor of The Junkyard Blogs & Business Directory (aka The Junkyard).

I have been an internet addict since I first discovered it in 1997 when a friend introduced me to a product called WebTV which was, back then, a popular way for people to connect to the internet on a television via it’s built in dial up modem and wireless keyboard.

From the very beginning of my internet journey back then, until now in the present, I’ve always loved surfing the internet. I love reading blogs, discovering new businesses, and most especially I love promoting them. So it’s only natural that I would eventually build this directory at The Junkyard.

In today’s modern world of technology and being able to access the internet in such convenient ways, like with smartphones, having this type of access to the World Wide Web only serves to feed my addiction to the internet even more, but also makes me realize that giving the internet community a resourceful connection to blogs and businesses outside of today’s social media networks is an important role of opportunity.

My company here is dedicated to promoting the best bloggers and business websites on the internet for the United States, as well as providing valuable resources to it’s viewers.

When I’m not slaving at my keyboard to keep this operation functioning, I love getting outdoors, am an amateur photographer (I own another company which currently isn’t in operation called MUDPIX Prints), love music of many genres including trance/electronic, pop, country, r&b, and rock, love movies, and I collect more books than I actually read.

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