About Junkyard Blogs Directory

Establishing authority on the web with your blog begins by not only getting traffic to your blog by writing excellent content, but also getting links pointing to your blog from other websites.

Junkyard Blogs Directory is here to help you get traffic to your blog through a link in our directory, as well as periodic mentions in our daily link letters.

Our service is super simple.

For a one time low fee of only $10.00 (this is currently half off our normal price of $20.00 and is our opening fee throughout 2018 – increasing to normal price starting 2019), we will add a listing in our directory with a link to your blog and a description of your blog to help our readers discover what you love to write about.

Please continue reading on for more information about what this fee covers, and why it is a great, and super affordable investment in driving traffic to your blog.

Our directory is text base only for listings.

This helps us keep a neat and tidy directory for our readers so that they can easily and quickly surf through our listings to find new favorite blogs to read and follow.

Yours could be someone’s new favorite blog today if you get listed.

We post various link newsletters to our blog featuring links from a grouped pick of blogs that are listed in our directory.

This keeps links in rotation for discovery by our readers so that they don’t just sit idle on our pages within our website.

Giving Our Readers And Listed Blogging Clients Our Best Value

We are well aware that Junkyard Blogs is not the only blog directory on the internet.

In fact there are literally hundreds, if not thousands of them out there across the web.

We are also aware that many blog directories do not do a great job of maintaining their listings with valid links.

In fact we’ve explored some directories that have been on the internet for a very long period of time that claim to be top notch directories and found many links to websites in those directories that no longer exist.

Many of these directories exist solely only to make money, however also, many of them do not do a great job with keeping it’s directory current, or actually promoting the websites, blogs, and businesses who have paid them for promotion efforts.

As we all know, websites and blogs on the internet can come and go in an instant and when a directory is not maintaining it’s inventory correctly, it can become a dungeon of old bones turning to dust because previous avid bloggers and entrepreneurs started what they thought was a great project but lost interest.

In return, the directories they are listed in did not follow up with that blog to see if it was still being maintained.

That is not a good experience for the readers who follow links to these blogs and discover that they either no longer exist at all, or haven’t been updated for a very long time.

It also is especially not a great value for the active bloggers who invest money, regardless of how low the fee is in driving traffic to their blogs in directories such as ours.

We strive to offer the best experience for both our readers and the dedicated bloggers we represent in our directory.

That is why we implemented our links newsletters packed full of links to showcase each day.

Doing that gives us a chance to share with readers some great content.

It also gives us the chance to check blog listings for active blogs, and remove any that aren’t being maintained by their owners.

We also mark blog listings in our directory if we notice they haven’t been updated for more than six months.

We remove blogs from our directory if they haven’t been updated within two years (we allow that long because we have an understanding that sometimes bloggers may be working on multiple projects and/or simply haven’t had a need to update in that period of time – after two years however we no longer cater to driving traffic to those blogs if the blog owner isn’t adding new blog posts – exceptions may apply if we determine the blog contains some worthwhile information for readers).

With these strategies we are able to maintain our directory with active content for our readers to explore and enjoy.

All of this maintenance is very time consuming and is why we require a fee to get listed, because if there is no funding, then Junkyard Blogs cannot exist and we would not be able to commit to 100% full time maintenance to provide the most valid directory possible to everyone who loves our website.

Our mission is to provide an ad free, organized way for readers and content creators, as well as product sellers to connect, and bring the best of the internet to our website for all to enjoy.

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