Off Site Planetarium Resource Links Have Moved To Our New Resources Page

We’ve made an update to our website and moved some information around. If you’ve visited our directory recently, you would have noticed the links we had in our sidebar to outside sources where you can find the nearest planetariums to you in the United States. For any of our visitors who may have relied on those sources, we wanted to let you know that we have moved those links to our Resources page, under “Off-site Resources”. For your convenience while you are reading this post, we’ve included those links below as well. And if this is your first time discovering this information on our website and find it useful, we invite you to explore our website for more links and information.

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Twitter Roundup #2 Wednesday, June 6th, 2018

It’s time for our 2nd round of Twitter Roundup. This issue was posted at around 8:45 a.m. today. In each issue we present to you a collection of our favorite tweets for the day that we think are interesting, and that we hope you will find interesting as well.

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So let’s get the show on the road.

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