A Few Blogs That Will Appear In Issue 2 Of Our Courtesy Mentions Magazine In January 2019

We are revealing two things in this blog post.

First there is our cover that you see for issue 2 of our Courtesy Mentions Magazine, and we’ve got a nice list of blogs for you to check out.

We are hard at work to make our 2nd issue of Courtesy Mentions Magazine our best and biggest issue yet. If you don’t know, this magazine is our exclusive publication where we feature listings in our directory, plus other blogs and businesses we think our viewers will be glad to discover. There will be tons of blogs and businesses in the United States listed and featured.

We thought it would be fun to post a sneak peak list at some of the blogs that will be featured in one section of the magazine.

Before we show you the blogs, we’d like to let you know that right now we are offering the lowest listing fee we will every offer at this point and going forward. There is no better time to get your blog or business website listed in our directory. Head over and submit your site now to get listed in our directory and our blogs/business magazine. We’re not guaranteeing listings made after November 15th, 2018 will make it into the second issue of our magazine that is coming out in January due to editing time required. Even now on the 2nd of this month as this is being posted will be pushing it, so hurry and get listed now.

Ok here is a short list of some of the blogs that will be featured in Courtesy Mentions Magazine Issue 2 in January 2019:

http://90377.tumblr.com/ – Sedna 90377 – I create affordable gemstone jewelry and take photos of forests.

http://acrylicalchemy.tumblr.com/ – Acrylic Alchemy – Don’t be afraid to be different… Be afraid to be the same.

http://acuratedman.tumblr.com/ – A | Curated | Man – Style in in the details… not on the tag.

http://artabovereality.tumblr.com/ – Art:Above:Reality – Art:Above:Reality embodies the motto Inspiring:Global:Artistic:Expression.

https://artisticlog.tumblr.com/ – Quotes And Pictures – I post everything that’s ever been captured as a photograph!

http://colorsporn.tumblr.com/ – COLORSPORN – Promoting the best visual arts.

https://constanceart.tumblr.com/ – Curated By Constance

http://copua-blog.tumblr.com/ – Curators of Preassembled Urban Art

http://crazycurator.tumblr.com/ – The Crazy Curator – Curating content from across the web.

http://creaturecurators.tumblr.com/ – Creature Curators

http://curatedinterior.tumblr.com/ – Curated Interior – Curating fun home decor & interior inspiration for the smart female professional with an eye for design.

http://curated-quotes.tumblr.com/ – Curated Quotes – The best quotes. Hand picked.

https://curatepop.tumblr.com/ – Curate Pop – From mermaid vibes to rustic furniture wonderfully curated just for you.

http://curators.tumblr.com/ – Curators – Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known. – Oscar Wilde

http://curatorsday.tumblr.com/ – A Curator’s Day – Blog from a curator at the Chemung County Historical Society in Elmira, New York.

https://curatorsgroup.tumblr.com/ – Curator’s Group – Empowering businesses to thrive.

http://curatorsvoice.tumblr.com/ – Curators Voice Art Projects Gallery

http://curators-edit.tumblr.com/ – Curators Edit

https://darkmechaniccurates.tumblr.com/ – Dark Mechanic Curates – This is a Science-Fiction,Fantasy & Illustration art blog, curated by the artist Dan Morison AKA Dark Mechanic.

http://firsttrainhome.tumblr.com/ – First Train Home – Scouse boy reading for a PhD in Cancer Science. Interested in good writing, landscapes and science. Nature photography.

http://frostklamm.tumblr.com/ – frostklamm – Photography.

https://gobeautifulhumans.tumblr.com/ – Be A Beautiful Human – An entire blog dedicated to the beautiful styles in life, the uplifting quotes you never knew you needed and the positive-mood you need even on your worst days.

https://j-k-i-ng.tumblr.com/ – Landsc@pe

http://johncasquejo.tumblr.com/ – John Casquejo – An amateur photographer in Anchorage, Alaska. I love to shoot cars, planes, and landscape.

http://jscuttish.tumblr.com/ – Jason Scottish – Nature photography.

http://killthecurator.tumblr.com/ – Kill The Curator

http://kingofcolorado.tumblr.com/ – CURATED CHAOS

http://kslsrsc.tumblr.com/ – Curating & Creating At Kelvin Smith Library – The official Tumblr of the Scholarly Resources and Special Collections team at Kelvin Smith Library, Case Western Reserve University.

https://lifeisverybeautiful.tumblr.com/ – LifeisVeryBeautiful

http://madamecurator.tumblr.com/ – Madame Curator

http://martinbalance.tumblr.com/ – Curated By

http://maureen2musings.tumblr.com/ – Beauty in all things… – Celebrating nature, animals, the seasons, lovely places… beauty everywhere 🙂

http://mechanicalcurator.tumblr.com/ – The Mechanical Curator – Randomly selected small illustrations and ornamentations, posted on the hour. Rediscovered artwork from the pages of 17th, 18th and 19th Century books.

http://millivedder.tumblr.com/ – Milli Vedder – Hiker. Photographer.

https://mpaint.tumblr.com/ – Michael Hayter Artist

https://nature-speaks-love.tumblr.com/ – Nature Speaks – Nature photography blog.

https://neighborhood-1.tumblr.com/ – i am not here – Sharing the photography and artwork of others.

http://njnavyguy.tumblr.com/ – Ships & Seas… – … Upon which I’ve sailed… or otherwise known, loved, and admired, along with other items of interest to me. With the utmost gratitude to those who post and affection for those who follow.

http://pizzahasonlyonetopping.tumblr.com/ – Pizza Has Only One Topping – A series of occasional pizza reviews.

http://platypusesforarms.tumblr.com/ – PFA – Nature/Scenery blog.

http://ponderation.tumblr.com/ – Ponderation – Nature photography.

https://quixoticcurator.tumblr.com/ – Quixotic Curator

http://quotecurator.tumblr.com/ – Quote Curator – “I have an obsession with quotes because other people are so much better at putting my thoughts into words than I am!”

https://randomedifications.tumblr.com/ – Random Edifications – Random facts and other anomalies designed to impart a little education and a little fun. This blog is run by two separate bloggers. One male (myself) and one female. You can expect to see landscape images, information on nutrition, movie and TV trailers, etymology, and recipes.

http://ranajune-blog.tumblr.com/ – Awesome Stuff – Curated By Rana June

http://ryanpanos.tumblr.com/ – Ryan Panos – Designer | Curator | Brother – Architecture, design, history, and photography as acts of provocation, investigation, and agency.

http://rupikaurpoems.tumblr.com/ – Rupi Kaur Poems

https://skull-heads.tumblr.com/ – Skull Heads – Skull illustrations and art. Some NSFW.

https://sophiegunnol.tumblr.com/ – Sophie N Gunnol – Art curator in Los Angeles, CA.

http://supermodelvideos.tumblr.com/ – The Fashion Curator – Featuring iconic models, designers, music and art that define a generation.

https://tayloralanhoover.tumblr.com/ – Taylor – Photography

http://thecuratorscloset.tumblr.com/ – The Curator’s Closet

https://thegreynomad2009.tumblr.com/ – The Great Southern Land – Curated photography.

https://theneuronsthatfiretogether.tumblr.com/ – The Neurons That Fire Together – Variety of photos.

http://thestreetstylecurator.tumblr.com/ – The StreetStyle Curator – The Fit Inspiration Archive

http://traverse-our-universe.tumblr.com/ – Journey Through The Cosmos – Astronomy, space exploration and space science blog.

http://truelovebloomseternal.tumblr.com/ – True Love Blooms Eternal – A blog full of beautiful floral photography.

http://tvoom.tumblr.com/ – T.V.O.O.M. – Photography-sideblog of TheVortexOfOurMinds / Hey there! My name is Pete, I like pictures, and this is my little space of magic. Mostly landscape- and nature-photography, the occasional GIF, and some videos.

https://what-do-you-see-saree.tumblr.com/ – It’s What I See – “The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” W.B. Yeats. These are images of whatever will catch my eye. These are my own pictures. Photographs taken with my iPhone.

https://willgswann.tumblr.com/ – Will Swann – Lifestyle and landscape.

Don’t forget to get your blog or business website listed now. It’s a one time investment with a low fee that comes with long term advertising and promotion potential.


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