Garvin Tieseler

WARNING: This listing contains artwork that is NSFW. View at your own discretion.

Garvin Tieseler Art – See the artwork of Garvin Tieseler. Garvin writes, “For many years, I have had stories unfolding in my imagination that wanted a life outside myself; to exist independent of me. When the story convinces me sufficiently, I submit and act as a drawing instrument serving the will of the narrative. My aim is to get out of the way and let the story dictate how to achieve its desired path. I always begin by drawing the eyes of a character on paper with pencil. If the eyes are honest to the character, it will then reveal to me its face. The process continues until the character is born. I use pencil drawing, oil painting, photography and CAD to create their environments. I am satisfied at the end, if I am able to bring these characters out of isolation into the world.” Garvin creates characters and design element using traditional artist techniques; pencil drawing, photography and oil painting to create his provocative visions.

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