Awesome Indie Design Spreadshirt T-Shirts For Men

This post is a part of our new “Limited Time Features” section of our blog. It’s where we feature cool products from various indie shops or even big name brands that are featured in this category for only a limited time.

Check out these t-shirts available on from indie designers in the United States.

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Own A Shop On Etsy? Get Listed In Our Etsy Directory Today.

We’re expanding our directory sections now to include our brand new Etsy Directory in our Shopping pages.

With hundreds of thousands of shops on Etsy, and millions of items that viewers are able to browse through, you could potentially be losing a ton of business simply due to not being found.

Getting your Etsy shop listed in our Etsy Directory here at The Junkyard Blogs & Business Directory (aka The Junkyard) can help you get your Etsy shop discovered and loved by more consumers who love shopping for handmade art and creative products.

If you list your shop in our directory, your Etsy shop would be listed on a page under the appropriate category for the type of products you create. You will also have a listing in the blog section of our directory, and that listing will get a weekly mention on our social media during it’s first year of being listed in our directory.

Getting your Etsy shop listed with us is very easy. Just click here to join and submit your Etsy shop to us, or send us a message on our Contact page and we’ll get in touch with you via email to discuss details about your shop and getting it listed.

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Garvin Tieseler

WARNING: This listing contains artwork that is NSFW. View at your own discretion.

Garvin Tieseler Art – See the artwork of Garvin Tieseler. Garvin writes, “For many years, I have had stories unfolding in my imagination that wanted a life outside myself; to exist independent of me. When the story convinces me sufficiently, I submit and act as a drawing instrument serving the will of the narrative. My aim is to get out of the way and let the story dictate how to achieve its desired path. I always begin by drawing the eyes of a character on paper with pencil. If the eyes are honest to the character, it will then reveal to me its face. The process continues until the character is born. I use pencil drawing, oil painting, photography and CAD to create their environments. I am satisfied at the end, if I am able to bring these characters out of isolation into the world.” Garvin creates characters and design element using traditional artist techniques; pencil drawing, photography and oil painting to create his provocative visions.

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