FREE advertising Opportunity For Atlanta, Georgia Business Owners

We’re bringing our very first Business Card Directory to America in 2019, and we have chosen Atlanta, Georgia to take the spotlight in our first undertaking in this genre of business promotion. We chose Atlanta, Georgia because it is the largest metro area in the southern states and we want to help business owners in the city boost their business outreach in and outside of it’s boundries.

Because this is a new undertaking for us, we have a special opportunity for you. We are giving all participating Atlanta, Georgia business owners the opportunity to have your business card included in our 2019 Atlanta, Georgia Business Card Directory for FREE. All you have to do is snail mail your business card to us at the address below, along with a note and description of what your business specializes in or offers. We will scan your card and organize it in an appropriate category of this directory. This is not a print directory, but rather a digital (PDF) directory that will be a FREE download for our viewers. Remember this is a FREE opportunity for your business for 2019. We have not determined pricing or submission deadline for the 2020 edition.

Our deadline for the 2019 edition of this project is November 15th, 2018. Any cards not received by that date will not be included in this first edition of our Atlanta, Georgia Business Card Directory.

Mail your business card and info to:

Junkyard Blogs & Business Directory
Business Card Directory Submission
P.O. Box 1024
Opelika, AL 36801

Don’t forget to include a note (typed/printed preferred) with a category for your business and business description to better assist us with placing your business card listing in the proper section of this directory.

Thank you!!

Own A Shop On Etsy? Get Listed In Our Etsy Directory Today.

We’re expanding our directory sections now to include our brand new Etsy Directory in our Shopping pages.

With hundreds of thousands of shops on Etsy, and millions of items that viewers are able to browse through, you could potentially be losing a ton of business simply due to not being found.

Getting your Etsy shop listed in our Etsy Directory here at The Junkyard Blogs & Business Directory (aka The Junkyard) can help you get your Etsy shop discovered and loved by more consumers who love shopping for handmade art and creative products.

If you list your shop in our directory, your Etsy shop would be listed on a page under the appropriate category for the type of products you create. You will also have a listing in the blog section of our directory, and that listing will get a weekly mention on our social media during it’s first year of being listed in our directory.

Getting your Etsy shop listed with us is very easy. Just click here to join and submit your Etsy shop to us, or send us a message on our Contact page and we’ll get in touch with you via email to discuss details about your shop and getting it listed.

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A List Of The Last 20 Directory Listings Is Now Showing On All Pages And Posts Across Our Website

Our website is beginning to transition into a busier establishment and we’re writing more blog posts lately (mostly about site updates – like this post). Because we automatically show all of our content posted to the blog area in chronological order on most all of our pages we have realized that with more blog posts being written, the newest directory listings we’re highlighting are getting lost in the shuffle. So we decided to make a list of the last 20 directory listings we have and put that list in a place on our website where it can be seen on whatever page or post you are reading. We will continuously update the list each time we add a new directory listing.

Here is the current list of our last 20 directory listings as is current as of the date of this post:

We will continuously update the list each time we add a new directory listing, and it will always be available wherever you are browsing on our website. Just check the sidebar or footer area.

We hope that you enjoy and find this new feature useful.

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Our Follow Friday Twitter List Has Been Updated With Three New Recommendations For You To Follow

Recently we created a brand new Follow Friday list page on our site to showcase some of the followers who are following us on Twitter, and to highlight some accounts on Twitter that we personally love following and want to recommend to you. Today the page got a new update with three new listings on it. Drop by and find some new people to follow today. Follow us and we may add you to our list as well.

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Off Site Planetarium Resource Links Have Moved To Our New Resources Page

We’ve made an update to our website and moved some information around. If you’ve visited our directory recently, you would have noticed the links we had in our sidebar to outside sources where you can find the nearest planetariums to you in the United States. For any of our visitors who may have relied on those sources, we wanted to let you know that we have moved those links to our Resources page, under “Off-site Resources”. For your convenience while you are reading this post, we’ve included those links below as well. And if this is your first time discovering this information on our website and find it useful, we invite you to explore our website for more links and information.

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Five New Annex Directories Have Been Acquired At The Junkyard

As per our last post, we have today established five new sites that we’re building into our SEO strategy for our clients.

What this means for those who are currently listed in our directory, and future customers who choose to get listed, will have their listings posted on each of our annex sites.

Each of these annex directories will be indexed by search engines, and will provide more links directing back to our clients blogs and websites.

We will be working throughout this week to update these directories with the necessary policy information, as well as adding listings we currently have to those directories.

In addition, we will have new updates to our TOS coming soon for these new products of our directory service.

If you would like to get listed with us, just click this link for details.

Annex Directories Coming To The Junkyard Soon To Help You Build SEO

As part of expanding our in house network to provide our directory members the SEO building they need to grow their blogs and business websites, we will soon begin building a property that includes not just our main directory at, but also additional directories that will house backlinks to your blogs and websites. This will create a network of sites all linking to your website after you join our directory.

More news to come as we grow our network.

Now is the time to join our directory. Our listing fee is as low as it will ever be.

If you list your blog or business website with us, you will enjoy weekly promotion to our social media, a listing on our website, plus your listing will be added to any future annex directory we build.

We are all about affordable cost with lots of promotion, so get listed with us today.

New Ad From Shopmimigreen Posted On The Wall

Personalized Dog Collars for the Super Cool Dog! We are experts when it comes to making sure your dog is in style, but we also know how important it is to keep your pup safe. With our Laser Engraved Custom Personalized Classic Cotton Dog Collar, the best of both worlds colide to create a super good looking dog collar with all your dog’s important info engraved right onto the buckle!

Find more information about this ad and more on The Wall

Note: depending on the age of this post, this ad may be expired.

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Advertise On The Wall

Text based advertising is available on The Junkyard Blogs & Business Directory Bulletin Board known as “The Wall”.

Come and read or post ads on The Wall at The Junkyard.

Text advertising is a form of online advertising in which a line of text is backed up by a hyperlink and when clicked on will take a potential customer directly to your web site.

On The Wall, these ad’s are displayed in a classified ads form. Millions of people love to read classified ads every day.

Use text ad’s to promote your online shop sales, such as on Etsy, a new blog post you’ve written, announce your new website, cleaning services, wedding planner services, floral, or anything you are selling or advertising.

Our ad service is for the United States only.

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