Do you love to shop? Of course you do. We all do. Welcome to the shopping section of our directory here at The Junkyard. On this page, you will find links taking you to the various sections we have available for you.

You’ll find links to sites that offer handmade art and products, as well as other various shopping sites.

Art & Handcrafted Products

Clothes & Accessories

– Clothes & Accessories (Print On Demand Products)

– Electronics

– Gaming

– Hobbies

– Home & Living

– Parties & Events

– Toys & Novelty

– Weddings

– Zines (self published magazines – printed or digital pdf)

What other categories of shopping would you like to see listed on our Shopping page? Send us a message, and let us know.

If there is no link to a particular section posted above, it simply means we haven’t built the associated page for it yet in effort to keep our Site Map tidy of pages with no content. For anyone wishing to purchase a listing to be put on a page we haven’t created yet, no worries. We’ll create it, and make the appropriate links pronto after your listing is ready for editing into our website. Click here to submit your site and get listed.


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