ETSY NOW! – #2 – 60 More Best Etsy Shops You Need To Check Out

Get the 2nd issue of America’s handmade buyers guide, Etsy Now! Only at The Junkyard (Blogs & Business Directory), featuring the best Etsy shops you need to check out.

Download PDF (191 pages – 9.32 MB)

The 2nd issue of Etsy Now! is here. This issue is greatly expanded from our first issue to bring you 60 featured Etsy Shops from artisans who’s work is in making jewelry. Besides those shops, we’ve included links to hundreds of other Etsy shops you may be interested to check out. There is also some great photography included from Lerone Pieters in New York that you must see. Don’t miss this issue.

ATTENTION ETSY SELLERS – If you are a seller on Etsy, get listed in our directory to be featured in our Etsy Now! Magazine, on our website, and our Courtesy Mentions Magazine as a VIP listing. Businesses that advertise are seen faster. Etsy Now! and The Junkyard would love to promote your business.

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