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Twitter Business Directory

Following the recent announcement with the release of issue #2 of our Courtesy Mentions Magazine’s exclusive Twitter Business Directory, dubbed by our CEO as “America’s Social Business Book”, we are making an exclusive offer to allow business owners in the United States to have their Twitter social media accounts listed for FREE, for a limited time. The first release of our Twitter Business Directory will be published in Issue #3 of our Courtesy Mentions Magazine due out in July 2019.

First, some background info on our Twitter Business Directory:

Our Twitter Business Directory was launched as an addition to our on-site directory promotion service as a way for business owners in the United States to get listed, and acquire an advertising opportunity somewhere in our magazine, which also serves as our directory publication for listings, at a fraction of our normal directory listing costs. Instead of linking directly to a business’s website on our website, in our Twitter Business Directory we would link to their Twitter account only, and provide a name and description of their business or blog. From there it would be up to them to include links to their websites on their twitter pages for potential consumers to connect with them. This is why we’re able to offer such low cost listing in this segment of our magazine. Like our normal directory listing fee, our Twitter Business Directory would require only a one time fee, and the best part is, this section of our magazine has the potential to spin off into it’s own seperate publication which could offer more advertising opportunity.

Twitter is by far our favorite social media outlet for connecting with our viewers and for promoting our directory listings. That is why we’re excited to launch this new social business directory as a different type of advertising platform. With it, consumers will be able to connect to the commodities and media they want, and bloggers and business owners large and small will be able to advertise for very little cost.

Right now, bloggers and business owners in the United States can get listed in our Twitter Business Directory which could potentially be viewed by thousands, if not millions of people ABSOLUTELY FREE for a limited time.

Some rules apply:

Because our directory caters to United States listings only, there are some elements that we must be able to see on your Twitter page before we will include your listing (these are elements that should be included anyway for professionalism).

  1. Your Twitter page MUST display what state in the United States your business is located or operating in.
  2. Your Twitter page MUST include a clear and precise description of your business.
  3. Your Twitter page MUST include a link to your website with a full url (no short urls such as those created with services like or similar).
  4. All content on your Twitter social media must be in english language including your tweets/retweets.
  5. Any Twitter account submitted that appears to be a spam account WILL NOT be included (so please don’t waste your or our time).
  6. Any Twitter accounts found breaking any of these rules at any time after being listed face potential removal from our Twitter Business Directory.
  7. All business types with the exception of strictly religious or political listings will be considered. This could be a brick and mortar business, or a commercial online business, a manufacturer, a “print on demand” type business such as for t-shirts, or perhaps you are a crafter selling on Etsy, or an artist with a shop on Fine Art America. Whatever product or service your business provides, we can find a spot for your business in this directory.
  8. Listings in this directory will include the name of your blog/business, a description, and a link to your Twitter account only. No other info will be included in your listing.
  9. Your listing will be published continuously with each publication of our Courtesy Mentions Magazine at no cost as per this offer unless we discover your Twitter account has become dormant or no longer exists on Twitter.
  10. You may request removal of your listing from the directory at any time. This is encouraged should you find you no longer will maintain your Twitter account and it would help us keep the directory current.
  11. We are under no obligation to include any listing, nor are we responsible to our viewers for content posted to Twitter accounts listed in this directory. We’re also under no obligation to promote your listing in this directory outside of it being published in our Magazine.

Let’s Get Your Business Noticed!

It’s super simple to submit your Twitter account to us for listing consideration. Just fill out the form below with the information requested:

Submit Your Twitter Account Here

This is a limited time offer. No deadline has been set for listing submissions. If this page is up on our website, then this offer is available. Please keep in mind that we are publishing this directory in our magazine due out in July 2019. Any submissions received nearing that time frame are not guaranteed to be included, but could go into the next publication which would be issue 4 in January 2020. So submit your Twitter account to us as soon as possible.

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