FREE Listings Available In Our New Twitter Business Directory For A Limited Time

Following the recent announcement with the release of issue #2 of our Courtesy Mentions Magazine’s exclusive Twitter Business Directory, dubbed by our CEO as “America’s Social Business Book”, we are making an exclusive offer to allow business owners in the United States to have their Twitter social media accounts listed for FREE, for a limited time. The first release of our Twitter Business Directory will be published in Issue #3 of our Courtesy Mentions Magazine due out in July 2019.

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Let’s Go Fishing On Instagram – Episode 34

Welcome to the 34th post in our Let’s Go Fishing!! Instagram photos feature series. Enjoy these select fishing photos posted on Instagram. We select photos celebrating the sport and art of fishing and getting a great catch out on the water and deliver them to you to enjoy viewing.

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HomeTownLocator Index

Welcome to our HomeTownLocator Index. We have discovered the HomeTownLocator website to be a tremendous and very helpful resource when we need geographical information to build our directory, such as county and city data in each state. According to the site’s “About” page, the site has been in business since 2002 and operated by Matt and Carolyn Smith who have managed online business since 1995. We’re very appreciative of the vast amount of information that has been compiled on their website, as it helps us ensure to get our business listings in the correct location, and it’s an amazing resource to learn about different cities in the United States.

The index we’ve created below are all links you can easily access from the HomeTownLocator’s home page that we linked to above, however we wanted our own on-site links resource at the The Junkyard so that we could jump directly to a specific state from our site to theirs for information when needed, and you may find the resource helpful as well.

Currently the list includes links to states main pages on the HomeTownLocator only, however we may update this page in the future with other information from the site or with links to other similar websites.


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