Storm Chasing In Iowa

Storm Chasing In Iowa

Storm chasing is broadly defined as the pursuit of any severe weather condition, regardless of motive, which can be curiosity, adventure, scientific investigation, or for news or media coverage. A person who chases storms is known as a storm chaser, or simply a chaser. Find storm chasers and services in Iowa below.

Iowa Storm Chasing Network

Iowa Storm Chasing Network – The Iowa Storm Chasing Network provides weather forecasts and updates for the state of Iowa. Living in Iowa, we all know how constantly the weather is changing. That is why a team of storm chasers formed together to create the most dedicated team in the state. The Iowa Storm Chasing Network provides weather updates for severe weather and winter weather by using our weather graphics that are easy to read and understand.

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Are you in the business of chasing storms in Iowa or other state in the U.S.? This section of our directory is for you. Click here for details on getting listed. Current listing fees will apply.

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