Go West – King Of Wishful Thinking

Go West Indian Summer

The Song Then – The Funny Comments Now – Also The Remake Video From Jimmy Fallon And Paul Rudd

4,484,424 views on YouTube when we last checked on 2019-01-20-SU.
Artist: Go West
Album: Indian Summer
Released: 1992
Producer(s): Ron Fair; Jon Gass; Go West; Peter Wolf
Genre: Pop
Info: [Wikipedia] [Song Facts] [The Hollywood Reporter]

“King of Wishful Thinking” is a 1990 song by the British pop duo Go West. It was featured in the film Pretty Woman and appeared on its soundtrack. It was later featured on Go West’s fourth studio album, Indian Summer, in 1992.

The song was written by Peter Cox, Richard Drummie and Martin Page. It reached number two in Canada, number 6 in Australia, number 8 in the US and number 18 in the UK. At the 1991 Brit Awards the song was nominated for the Brit Award for British Video of the Year.

Great song back in the day, and even now. Check out some of the funny comments about the music video seen on YouTube.

“Jimmy Fallon didn’t bring me here. My old age and growing up with good music on the radio did.” – snowontheweb

“I’m here for Peter Cox’s overly aggressive shoulder dance….he was gorgeous x” – Ali Lindsay

“Sex Education from Netflix brought me here” – Fernanda Lima
Fernanda Lima

“That dancing is legendary.” – PJ Dexter

“Anyone else here because of old age?” – liquid3600

“I’m going to go in to a night club and dance like these guys cause I miss the 80s so much.” – sw1000xg

“Mom jeans!!!!!!!” – CynLouWho

“This is probably the most 80s song ever released in the 90s.” – skyflyer67

“The dad dance is killing me but I love it. The song is great. Bings back childhood memories.” – R B

“Bruce Willis on anti aging cream…” – d3viltheory

“I’m here bc I hear this in the grocery store 90% of the time” – pringlescan81

“Still beats any so called music made since 2003…..” – Stan Gable

“John McClane singing about his wife’s departure before the events of Die Hard.” – Jane 59

“And I tell myself I’m over you cause I’m the king I wish for bacoooooon” – PlatinumState

“I work in a convenience store that has “corporate hits radio” type music on rotation, and while that might be hellish in some circumstances, they recently added this to the daily rotation and I am LOVING it.” – Jokestrap

“Good god this is EPIC mega 80’s and I love it” – Oliver Aeternus

“Haha I love his overly aggressive shoulder dance LOVE” – Irene Chu

“He’s got those dad dance moves down.” – Brofessor Cizzle

“Love he did the singing into the wrench like he did in the we close our eyes video” – Flora Brown

“Pretty woman always brings me here love love love love love love !!!!!!! LOVE THAT MOVIE AND THE SOUNDTRACK” – the spawn of Michael Myers

“I will not sink ever again I can swim and FLY” – Alisha Will

“I deny the jiz in my eyessss I’m the king of wishful thinking.” – owenjamin

“When I hear this song I think of Julia Roberts as a ho.” – Hardtechnoboy

“I’m here as a fan of bad dancing and mom jeans…” – nysnowbird92

“Back then pop and rock stars would make a video that had absolutely nothing to do with the song that they’re singing” – THE 4TH SON

“As a woman with ADHD, I can confirm this video is EXACTLY how we think.” – itsjemmabond

“1:33 Jizz in my eye?” – Samantha Britten

“Sings like an angel, dances like a lame cow!!” – Elite Premium

“Those dance moves were terrible even in the 90$ he looks like a parent chaperone at the school dance lmao” – Rico Cummings

“The dad dance” – fab4fan5

“What’s up with his wrench? Does he have some kind of plumbing fetish or something? Funny” – mnljh711986

“I thought Paul Rudd was exaggerating his performance, on the Tonight Show, for the sake of comedy & for Fallon… but… no. It was extremely accurate. ROTFLMBO!” – Cheree Ree

“So 90s it hurts” – TheJeanean

“Bruce Willis sure can’t dance.” – Mckenzie Donovan

“Anyone who came here because of jimmy fallon is a sad virgin that doesn’t know music” – andy tommo

“Nice song, but this guys is one AWFUL dancer…LOL” – bitofaquestionmark

“OMG, talk about 80’s cheese and corniness” – Blake Saltzman

“This is gonna be my new dance” – Alyssa Rebecca

“Didn’t realise Bruce Willis was in a band.” – Paul Rowledge

“If you ever have the opportunity to attend a dance or wedding reception in England, you will quickly realise that there dancing have not evolved for decades.” – junior2404

“This song plays at every grocery store at all times. People who have worked at a grocery store know what I mean. Haha. This is the most grocery store song of all the grocery store songs.” – iCHAWY

“I now know where the Roxbury guys got their dance moves…” – Random Movie Guy

“If they wrote the Song, they are set considering that it was featured in Pretty Woman. Don’t you notice there were alot of Duos in the 1980’s. Them, Scritti Politti, Freez from the UK with IOU and of course Wham.” – laminage

“The Last 80’s Song Ever Made” – xXMapleVodkaXx

“Man he’s… REALLY into the rhythm.” – Taylor Moore

“I wonder if Jimmy Fallon brought anyone here?” – F Hurley

Jimmy Fallen & Paul Rudd Remake

Jimmy Fallon and Paul Rudd do a shot-for-shot remake of the classic 1990 video for British pop duo Go West’s “King of Wishful Thinking” from the Pretty Woman soundtrack.

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