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Living In South Central Kansas

Living In South Central Kansas – Photography by John Peterson. John writes, “I am a photographer living in a Small Town in South Central Kansas. I photograph interesting places, People, and Things. My main interest is old buildings and barns, and photographing the beauty of the Kansas Flint Hills.

Description from John’s blog: “Blog About The South East Kansas Flinthills, and living in a small Town. the good, bad, and ugly. Exploring the beauty of the Kansas Flinthills. Meeting the people, photographing the beauty. Living in a small town has it’s good points and some bad, The beauty of the Flinthills far surpasses the challenges of small town living. The flinthills of South East Kansas is an ever changing site to see. From the brown of Winter to the green of Spring and Summer. The fall colors of the Red Bud trees,and the leaves of the black jack oak in Fall. There are natural waterfalls, lush green hills and sparkling brooks. Wildlife is abundant supply, ranging from the White tail deer to the Rio Grande Wild turkey, The Flint hills Provides some of the best sport fishing in the country. Small town life has it’s own rules, There is no Walmart, or Walgreens, the local food joints are limited, we do have a local grocery store, and regional hospital, there is a dentist.”


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