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Living In South East Kansas

Living In South Central Kansas – Photography by John Peterson. John writes, “I am a photographer living in a Small Town in South Central Kansas. I photograph interesting places, People, and Things. My main interest is old buildings and barns, and photographing the beauty of the Kansas Flint Hills.

Description from John’s blog: “Blog About The South East Kansas Flinthills, and living in a small Town. the good, bad, and ugly. Exploring the beauty of the Kansas Flinthills. Meeting the people, photographing the beauty. Living in a small town has it’s good points and some bad, The beauty of the Flinthills far surpasses the challenges of small town living. The flinthills of South East Kansas is an ever changing site to see. From the brown of Winter to the green of Spring and Summer. The fall colors of the Red Bud trees,and the leaves of the black jack oak in Fall. There are natural waterfalls, lush green hills and sparkling brooks. Wildlife is abundant supply, ranging from the White tail deer to the Rio Grande Wild turkey, The Flint hills Provides some of the best sport fishing in the country. Small town life has it’s own rules, There is no Walmart, or Walgreens, the local food joints are limited, we do have a local grocery store, and regional hospital, there is a dentist.”


The latest from Living In South Central Kansas:

  • Elgin Kansas Revisited, a Kansas Ghost town
    Elgin Ks.Revisited, I live about 15 miles from Elgin and every now and then I will take a drive down thereit's a fascinating little town, back in the 1800's  Elgin was the main Rail Head for cattle shipments to the North.Cowboys would drive their cows up from Texas and Oklahoma to Elgin.Those days are long gone,Now Elgin it just  shell of a town,downtown lays in ruins, with all of the old brick buildings in total decay.One of The only building standingId the old Elgin State Bank Buildingthe walls are still intact but the roof has long disappearedIt was a grand old building back in it's dayWonder how many dollars passed thru it.Inside the bank there sits this old safeIt appears to be original to thebuilding Traveling west out of Elgin, following the Caney river you will come to the Bee Creek BridgeThe railroad used the bridge to span the the small Bee CreekBee Creek only runs after a good rain and it dumps into the Caney River.Stone Arched Bridge Elgin Kansas.While we were there my grandson decided to see if he could jump across the water Stone Arched Bridge Elgin Kansas.Stone Arched Bridge Elgin Kansas.Railroad Bridge over Bee CreekSo the next time you want to take a road trip come visit Elgin Kansas Located South and West Of Sedan's worth the drive.SEE YA
  • My First Riding Lawn mower
    My first Riding Lawn mower self propelled by granny Pete this is our grandson when he was probably 2 or 3 maybe 4 years old. He pushed the lawnmower from out of the garage  and set on it. My wife decided she would push him around a bit, then he didn't want to get off, and threw a fit (watch the whole video) when she went to get him off.
  • Tulsa Air and Space Museum Tulsa Oklahoma.
    Tulsa Air and Space Museum Tulsa OklahomaFinally made the  drive to Tulsato visit the Tulsa Air and Space MuseumThe Vintage World War two B-29 Bomber "FiFi"was on display along with several other Vintage War planes.FiFi One of only two Boeing B-29 that flyWith Doc The Wichita Kansas Based fully restored B-29.High quality Images for saleThe massive Bomb bay's this bomberhas two separate bomb baysThis day there were other vintage aircraft on displayAfter checking out the aircraft on the run way we went into the museum Where there were numinous aircraft and space vehiclesThe most impressive airplane wasthe F-15 Fighter this thing was massive in size This is looking into the exhaust of the F-15There are numerous other vintage airplanes on displayinside the buildingThere is a robot arm that was used on the space shuttlethat people could operate.I enjoyed the F-15 and the B-29my grandson is a bit more modernand he freaked out seeing the MD 80 That greets visitors as the arrive in the parking lot.Hope you all enjoyed our visit to Tulsa let me know in the comments your favorite   part
  • Blue Heeler Our Dixie before she went to Heaven
    Dixie our Female Blue Heeler now in heaven Our Dixie the fabulous Female Blue Heeler  We raised her from a pup She was the most loyal companion. Always by my side, would not sleep in the house even in the winter time, she a spot in the barn between hay bales. She went to heaven 12-11  What a loss; she was my buddy. Blue Healers are a wonderful breed of dogs, they are smart, loyal, and easy to care for. Need to train your dog?  Secrets To Dog Training Has Been The No. 1 Dog Training And Behavior Blog: My facebook page:
  • Harrison Rucker Signed and Numbered Prints
    Harrison Rucker PrintsSigned and Number Limited Edition PrintsHarrison Rucker is active/lives in United States.  Harrison Rucker is known for painting.Born 1930Well Known and respected Artist These prints were given to my wife many years ago by her former employerThey have been in Storage for a number of yearsand now she has decided to Sell them as she is not fond of the subject matter.Both prints are signed by the artist Harrison Ruckerand Numbered limited edition piecesAvailable on Ebay This print shows a young nude lady setting in a hammock in the gardenThe main part of this print is good with the exception of a small tear lower left hand sidethe lower left hand corner is torn alsoSigned by the Artist Harrison Ruckerthe back of the print has these spots on it not sure what they areSmall tear about 2.5" longDamaged cornerNumbered 114/950Harrison Rucker Print number twoThese Prints can be purchased as a pair right here right here
  • Brandon and Ashlie Tracy Traditional wedding cake face smash.
    Brandon and Ashlie  Tracy Traditional wedding cake face smash.Don't know who decided this tradition was a good idea.  But this one's a dozy.  I've seen a lot of cake smashes in my time. But this one tops them all.  yes  they are still married.  Wedding fails and bloopers .
  • Brandon and Ashlie Tracy Wedding day
    Last Saturday Evening we had the pleasure of attending our Great Nephew(Brandon Duty) Weddingthe event was held at a venue just out side of Arkansas City, Kansas.Brandon and his girl friend of many years years tied the Knot in grand fashion.The evening was hot and the wind was blowing but that did not take away from the festivities The Bride (Ashlie Tracy) looks stunning in her white wedding gown.Brandon was dressed in a dark suit.The brides maids were dressed in Red and Turquoise gownsthe Groomsmen in traditional suits with red and Turquoise ties.Brandon and Ashlie were honored with the presence of their Closest relatives and friends
  • The Oxford Mill Oxford Kansas
    The old Oxford millTraveling West form Winfield Ks. on highway 160 you will come to the small town of Oxford Kansas.Located on the Arkansas River this quaint little Kansas Town is full of charm and History.The Old Grist Mill built in 1849 sets on West Bank of the river.Although the Old Mill is not used to mill the grain the local farmers would bring,the Old mill has a new life and purpose.The Owners of the Mil, Wallace Champing and Hal Ross completely restored the mill back in 1988-89.The restoration was completed as they replaced most of the support posts and beams, new joists and flooring, and refurbished Head House.The old mill now serves as a popular tourist attraction , with many visitors every year.The owners have opened a restaurant in the newly remodeled Head House.So the next time you are wanting someplace  to go Oxford Kansas is just a short drive from Wichita Kansas,Just head south on the the turnpike, exit at Wellington the go East until you arrive in Oxford, there are signs directing you to the mill.See more pictures hereIf you enjoyed this post please leave me a comment and go ahead and follow this blog as I will be posting more about South Central Kansas.
  • Playing the Guitar Gifted Granddaughter Teaches herself to play the guitar.
    My wife and I have been blessed with 19 grand kids And numerous great grand kids.Each and everyone of them are special and have talents that only god could have given them.I won't go into to all of that today.I want to brag on one of the girls Several years ago she set out to learn how to play the guitar.Now bear in mind her and her brother and sister were members of the Campus High school band.They all have the music gene in them, I guess their great grandma Russel give it to them.Her brother Plays drums And her sister plays a variety of musical instruments.Her sister can set at the piano and play pretty much anything by ear.One day while she was visiting us she brought her guitar that she received for Christmas or her birthday, don't remember which. She at down and started playing this was several years ago.Anyway here is the first song the she played  for us.Now music comes easy to these kids, Not so much for a lot of peopleThere are plenty of on line course to teach Music the one found to be really helpfuland they offer a five day course for free is Guitar Ninja
  • Cowboys and Cowgirls Rounding up The cows on the 5S Ranch Sedan Kansas
    Every spring the cowboys and cowgirls gather at the 5S ranch to round up the Cows and Calves.They do this for two reasons;One to vaccinate the animals, and to brand the spring calves.It takes a good team of cowboys and girls and good horses to get the job done.this is a very interesting process and I was fortunate to be invited to take pictures I hope you enjoy this look  into a day in the cowboy's life
  • The Kansas Flint Hills Long lost memories of a time gone by
    My travels thought the Flint Hills of South East Kansas.We traveled to Wichita Ks. Friday June 22 to pick up the much needed new wall ovenWe Live in the heart of the Flint Hills, in the quiet little town of Sedan Kansas,This trip to Wichita took us up Highway 99 to Hwy 400, we  touch the north side of Moline Ks.then thru the small town of Howard Ks., Continuing North on 99 heading towards hwy 400 we came upon this old stone house located about 3 miles south  of Hwy 400 on 99One has to wonder what stories lie inside the walls of these old housesthis one has long since been abandoned and now the property is a cattle lot.the grass has been cut, probably going to get baled up into hay for winter feed.We walked around the old house It was very interesting to look at.these old stone houses will stand the test of time this one the roof is going bad and has a lot of holes in it so it won't be long before the roof is totally gone You can purchase prints of this old houseRight here
  • Red Buffalo Ranch Sedan Ks.
    The Red Buffalo Ranch, Sedan Kansas.I am good friends with Mary Kurtis, Daughter of Bill Kurtis, owner of the Red Buffalo Ranch, Located West of Sedan Kansas.Mary owns and operates the Red Buffalo Gift shop in Sedan, located on the corner of Main and Chautauqua Street.I was visiting with Mary one day and mention i would like to go to the ranch and photograph Some Buffalo, well it so happened the ranch hand Shane, who is the cowboy  in charge of the buffalo was in the store, so we arraignedto meet up and see the Buffalo, that was last year, life got in the way and I didn't make it.Now fast forward a year and here I am right in the middle of a herd of Buffalo. how cool is that?We meet up on county road 12 Friday morning,I followed Shane to the curve in road where I parked my truck and got in his truck to continue on.We drove about another mile to the gate,after entering the massive pasture we continued on about a mile into the heart of the Flint hills.Shane would stop and show me the different typed of grass that lives on the prairie. We continued on until we were on top of the hill over looking the lush green  pastures.Shane said now look over there across the valley to the other hill side and there they were.A heard of around  60 free range Buffalo. All of the Ranchers have a unique way of herding animals; Shane started honking the horn  on his Ford Super Duty 3500, after a couple of minutes the buffalo started moving  they started bunching up and running towards us, the small dots started to get bigger and bigger untilthey were standing all around the truck.Before we found the Buffalo Shane laid down three bags of Pellets in a long row, he said they can smell the pellets, and sure enough they followed the truck back to the area where the pellets were,thats were it became interesting they almost stampeded to get their share of pellets.This is what a raging herd of Buffalo looks like All in all we spent around three hours with the buffalo.Shane was a great tour guide, after we left the pasture he drove around the entire property which consists of around 3000 acres.
  • Blue Tick Puppy talking back at me
    Heading to the fishing hole with Paul, we stopped at the store to pick up somethingI stayed in the Truck ( the Dodge Ram 1500) with the puppyThis is  6 week old Blue tick Hound dog puppy so it is naturally curious and wants to chew on everything in sightThe Blue tick puppy started chewing on the seat and console so I reached over to stop him and the dog started talking back to meI thought it was funny, I HOPE YOU DO TO.
  • Dallas Texas,
    Road Trip to Dallas Texas 05-11-2018Took a little road trip to Dallas Texas over the weekendOur Grand son and his Fiance'e live in Dallas, she owns and operates a dance studioPreston Hollow Dance, Dance studiosThis is Belinda Dancing at her 2016 Dance RecitalWe attended her 2018 Dance Recital this past weekendthat was the main reason we  made the trip. Grandson is the co-owned of Paperlyte, a Media Production company specializing in live Streaming, video, documentary, andcommercial content as well as project management.We are very proud of both of them It Was Fast trip, we left Friday Morning Dove East on 166 highway to 75 South Turned South and headed to TexasFirst stop was QTrip in Bartlesville Oklahoma for Gas Then on thru Tulsa going South on Hwy. 75 Rolled thru a lot of little towns on the way just kinda poking along at 70 miles per Hour. We arrived at Our grandsons House around 6pm.We went out for dinner came back to the house and enjoyeda glass of Wine and then to bed.Our granddaughter traveled with usshe has never been to Dallasso it was a treat for her.One of the things she wanted to dowas to visit Pioneer Park and see the herd of steers.I have been there before but it's still a treat to visit again.If and when you are ever in Dallas this is a must seeattraction and it's freeTO BE CONTINUED 
  • Bella The Spoiled Deer Head Chihuahua
    I would like to introduce you to Bella, our spoiled Deer Head Chihuahua We found her at a animal swap meet, the lady had several puppies for sale, my wife fell in love with Bella, that was in 2011.She is so spoiled but that's okay.She knows what the word go means and loves to go for rides, She will set at my feet and beg to go.If she sees us getting ready to go some where she will run to the door and want to go.Most of the time we take her.This was yesterday afternoon I was setting in my chairand Bella starts Begging to go for a ride So being the good Pet owner I amwe Loaded up in my Dodge Ram 1500 and went for a ride.
  • 2018 Kansas Beef show Sedan Kansas
    2018 Kansas Beef ShowSedan KansasLocal 4HHosts their Annual Spring Kansas Beef showKids from around the areagather at the Chautauqua County Fair Grounds to show off their Spring Calf's and Older LivestockThey go to great lengths to present their animals in hopes of winning first Place in their age groupsHair spray, Stiff Brush Commercial Blow dryersare the tools of the trade                                           
  • Traveling thru South East Ks.Photographs of a abandon House
    Traveling thru South East Ks.Photographs of a abandon HouseThey are everywhereyou can't drive any major highway in South East Kansas and not see abandoned farm steads and old houses and barns.Most are still standing on all four corners.Some are not so lucky as time has taken it's toll on the old BuildingsThis one sets on K-15 just North of the Highway Junction of west 166 and K-15 in Cowley County Kansas.We travel this route on our trips to Wichita,I have drove past this homestead for many years and have watched it slowly fall to the ground.this is the front of the house, doesn't look to bad does it?Maybe a new roof and some siding, a little paint on the inside and I think it might be live-able again.Then we walk around to the back!!!!!And think maybe not!the whole back side of the building has collapsedit won't be long before the earth reclaims what is his.Looking inside the window I see what is left of some old bed springsProbably untold amount of small critters that have taken upresidents in this old house.the floor is just about gone there are gaping holes in the floor which gives you a view in to the cellar as i was walking around the grounds I spotted this old shoe laying there looks like it has been there for a long time.Far from the house stands the out house, so I am thinkingthe occupants of this   farm didn't have indoor plumbing there stands an old shed/barn that looks like it's being used to keep hay.Then there is the Barn, which is just about to fall to the groundthis was once a great old barn but I have watched it thru the years slowing being absorbed by mother nature.Here are few more photo's of the old house Thank you for looking and don't forget to comment and share this blog with your friends.
  • Going Fishing Deep in the Kansas Flinthills
    Timeline February 7 2015 Location: Deep in the Kansas Flint hillsThe day started out  Loading up the Polariswith all of our fishing gear, Fishing PolesWe are fishing the water shed lake located on Paul's land when we fish the small lake we normally use the small two man boatAnd Paul always make sure everything is working and all of the gear is loaded.My job is to bring FOOD.then we put the boat in the water and enjoy a nice peaceful dayfishing South East Kansas offers some of the best sport fishing in the country.No matter what species of fish you fish forthese water shed lakes and city lakes has what you are looking for.The Large mouth fishing is second to none,crappie fishing, well be prepared to clean a lot of fish.These forgotten waters also play home toBlue cats, Flat heads, and Channel cat fish.These pictures were taken 2 years ago todayfeb. 7 2015Even if you don't catch any fishthe Flint hills beauty is second to none. no matter what time of the year  amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "jdp097-20"; amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "manual"; amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; amzn_assoc_region = "US"; amzn_assoc_design = "enhanced_links"; amzn_assoc_asins = "B01I6NWC3K"; amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit"; amzn_assoc_linkid = "11e5628867cdb49d69580fc43b2244a4";
  • Niotaze Methodist Episcopal Church Niotaze Kansas.
    Niotaze Methodist Episcopal Church Niotaze Kansas.(also Known as Odell Niotaze Methodist Episcopal Church)Is a historic church located at 301 N. F Street Niotaze Kansas.Benjamin D. Price, the noted Church Architect designed this church.It was built around 1885and was added to National Historic Register in 2006.The church is well hidden from view from Highway 166 In the summer when the trees all full of leaves One can barely see the steeple from the highway.In fall and winter after the leaves have dropped the buildingis more visible from the highway.It's a one story structure one room Front gabled roofIt's constructed of rusticated sandstone blocks on a sandstone foundation,Stone Steps lead to the Bell tower on the Southeast cornerof the church.So the next time you are traveling in South East Kansason Hwy. 166 be sure to Stop in Niotaze Kansas and pay this beautiful old church a visit
  • Bois D’arc Bridge Butler County Ks. Bois D’arc Settlement
                                     Good afternoon Butler County! Many of you have noticed that the                                                                          Bois D’arc Bridgewhich spans the Little Walnut River on SW 157th St. has recently been closed due to concerns about structural safety. We thought it would be fun to share with you some information and history about the bridge. The bridge is located approximately 10 miles driving distance south and east of Augusta and was built in 1885, currently 132 years old. The main span of the bridge is a 100 foot long Pratt type high steel/wrought iron truss structure that is 14 feet wide. The bridge structure itself, as well as the importance of the bridge at the time it was constructed, has brought about the bridge being placed on the State Register of Historical Places. This bridge was built the same year that the first production gasoline powered automobile was built by Benz in Germany. The first gasoline powered production automobile built in the United States occurred 8 years later in 1893. The first mass produced gasoline powered automobile was the Ford Model A which was first built in 1903. Stay tuned for more interesting facts and details about the Bois D’arc Bridge.The above text was borrowed from the official Butler County Facebook page.
  • Elgin Ks, the Ghost town
    Elgin Ks. Chautauqua County Ks.the ghost that refuses to die/Once a thriving community that wasa rail head for the cattle drives coming upfrom Texas and Oklahoma, is now the small south east Kansastown located on the Kansas, Oklahoma borderand boosts a population of some 87 people.Driving 8 miles west of Highway 99 South on cr11.Grandson was here to visit for Xmas and wanted to see some local sites,So we headed to Elgin.First Stop was the Old Bank building that has long been abandoned The building is pretty much intact with the exceptionof the roof, which has collapsed from years of neglect  The front door is gone so we helped ourselves and went inside.There we found Nothing.The old Safe is still there   There is not much left of Downtown Elginonce the gem of South East Kansasis now just a bunch of old building that have been neglected to the point of no returnElgin KansasThese photo's were taken a couple of years agothe only thing that has changed?they have fallen into worst repair.Elgin Kansas The roof has completely collapsed on this buildingLooks like it  was once some kind of second hand storeas there are pieces of clothing laying about.this one was a lodge building for the MasonsDon't know the story on this
  • Bee Creek Bridge Elgin Ks. xmas 2017
    Christmas Eve Day Exploring Some local Sitesin Chautuaqua County, KansasFirst Stop was the old Railroad Bridgelocated North and West of Elgin Ks.Stone Railroad Bridge located West on Dalton Rd.then North on rd.11Bee Creek BridgeElgin Kansas, Chautauqua CountyBee Creek BridgeElgin Kansas, Chautauqua CountyBee Creek BridgeElgin Kansas, Chautauqua County Bee Creek BridgeElgin Kansas, Chautauqua County  What's interesting about this old Stone bridge?this was the crossing for CWK in 1886rail abandon between 1936 and 1955The official name of the bridge is Bee Creek BridgeThe area surrounding this bridgeis solid rock, the Bee creek runs over the county roadduring heavy rains making the road impassable,The bridge is surrounded by high cliffs and rugged rocks,some bigger than a house.We took our grandson and his fiancee to thislocation as they wanted to see some local sites.
  • Softbeat Portable Light Box Great XMAS Gift
  • House on Fire Sedan Kansas 12-20-2017
    Yesterday afternoon I was standing onour back deck when I looked over at the house on the cornerAnd noticed Smoke coming from the  Gable end Vents.Plus smoke was coming from the east side of the houseI immediately called 911                                           Thick Heavy Smoke at point Looked like the whole place was going to go.The Sedan volunteer Fire Depart arrived on sceneto quickly take care of the fire.
  • Island Park of South central Kansas's Hidden Gems
    Island Park Winfield KansasThe Hidden gem located in the Foothills of the Flint hillsI remember Island Park from my child hoodMy family lived in Winfield 50'sand Every summer We had family reunions in this parkIt looks a bit different now,The Citizens and the city of Winfield have taken greatpride in making this a destination Park.  Recently added is this wonderful play area forKids of all ages.Several Years ago Somebody set fire to the playground that was in place,burning it to the ground.Well the fine Citizens of Winfield and the City Joined forcesand up from the ashes this wonderful new playground aroseIt's completely kid friendly, with all kinds ofthings to climb on, slide down,hang on to,there are cows, and Pigs, and Pigs,the entire surface of the play ground is made from a material that I don't know what is but is is soft to walk on and even softer if you should happen to fall down.The Park is Beautiful the lawns are keep up,there are numinous flower gardensThe building that houses the restrooms are decorated in fine fashionSo if you are ever in the neighborhoodBe sure to visit Island ParkOh I forgot the reason it's called Island Park?that is because it is an Island !!!it has water surrounding it must drive across the bridge to enterThere are two bridges one is a walking bridge Come to Winfield 

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