Follow Friday

Follow Friday

We love Follow Friday (#FollowFriday) on Twitter. It’s a chance for people to highlight and recommend other people every Friday that someone may find interesting to follow and build their social networking portfolios with.

Here on this page we are listing some of the users that are following us on Twitter @junkyardbd.

We thought it would be fun to create this list to show our thanks to these Twitter users for following us, and also to help us choose users to recommend each week on Fridays.

We choose a random group of followers to recommend following each Friday and tweet them out on Twitter.

Obviously we can’t list every single follower, however we try to list as many as possible as our schedule permits.

We especially love to list followers who are the most active in interacting with our tweets, recommending us to follow, and re-tweeting our tweets.

We do not list any accounts on Twitter that appear, or that we suspect are spam/fake accounts.

We do not accept solicitations to add Twitter accounts to this list.

We are not associated with, nor do we endorse any Twitter account listed on this page.

We add/remove Twitter accounts to this page of our own choosing.

We use the RANDOM number service to assist us with choosing users in our list to recommend following each Friday and the number of Follow Friday tweets we send out each week varies.

This list is here primarily for our own use, however you may discover some great Twitter accounts to follow yourself on this page.

This page may also list twitter accounts of people, businesses, or organizations that do not follow us back, but that we enjoy following and want to include in our Follow Friday participation tweets.

  1. @All_DIYGuide – DIY Guide – Want to repair a nail hole in a wall? Drill through ceramic tile? Solder copper? Find tips for home-improvement and repair projects here. – [profile]
  2. @catsmessyworld – Cat – Cat lover || History Student || Anime and manga lover || Trying to become a good cosplayer || Blog about everything – [profile]
  3. @Illustrationweb – Illustration Ltd – Professional & helpful international agenting team representing a select range of award winning illustrators across all the latest & essential styles – [profile]
  4. @madverse – J.D. Nelson – Poet ★ Poetry ★ Poems – [profile]
  5. @Sylverwing – Sylverwing Shinn – Photographer – [profile]
  6. @PoetryFound – Poetry Foundation – Publisher of @poetrymagazine, an independent literary organization committed to a vigorous presence for #poetry in our culture. – [profile]
  7. @poetrymagazine – POETRY magazine – TRY POETRY – [profile]
  8. @Poetry_Daily – Poetry Daily – Poetry Daily helps make poetry part of daily life, presenting a new poem each day from new books and journals, along with poetry news links and more. – [profile]
  9. @SionicMobile – Sionic Mobile – Atlanta, cloud-based connected commerce company with solutions reaching millions of consumers in their vehicles and through their favorite mobile apps. – [profile]

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