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The Junkyard Blogs & Business Directory (aka “The Junkyard”) is the directory that connects readers with great blogs and brings consumers the best business services in America. Our directory is a United States listings only online human-review directory that combines blog listings for reader interests with business & consumer services listings all in one. We list blogs and businesses that are just starting out, as well as long time established. Let our viewers discover your blog or business today. Just like you can never have too many friends, you can never have too much promotion. If you’ve got a site or social media presence for your blog or business, we can list it, and promote it! One time listing fee. A lifetime of promotion. We are America’s Directory.

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Note: If you are getting listed in our directory and don’t see a suitable category for your blog or business listed, no worries. We are constantly adding new categories and can add appropriate categories as needed when you get listed.

Latest News And Updates:

01/16/19 – We’ve kicked off a new (and our first) Instagram photos feature series on our blog to help promote our USA Fishing Directory. It’s called Let’s Go Fishing!! and you can view Episode 1 now. It’s where we select the most awesome “big catch” photos and deliver them to you for your viewing enjoyment.

01/16/19 – We now have a badge in various sizes that you can grab and use to link to our website. Just find the appropriate size badge to suit your needs and copy some html code provided and paste it into your site where needed.

01/15/19 – We’ve expanded our business directory with more categories to get listed in with your business. The new categories include Design Services (Websites, Graphics & Logos) where consumers will be able to find designers that have great talent for designing custom websites and graphics, Utility Companies where consumers can find the utility services they need, Wedding Planning Services where businesses associated with bringing fabulous weddings together can get listed and found by all the newlyweds across the United States, Welding Services & Supplies, and Colleges & Trade Schools for those seeking higher education. We’ve also recently became an Amazon Associate, so you will see some select products featured on our website that you can purchase on Amazon. Purchasing from the affiliate links provided on our site for these products will allow us a small commision from your purchase at no extra cost to you. Our Junkyard Gear Shop is also now open on Zazzle where you can purchase select products you may like. And last but not least, we have added a new category to our blog for the Internet Archive. The Internet Archive at www.archive.org is a non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites, and more. We will occasionally post free content that we think you may enjoy in this category.

01/08/19 – Great news! We are in the process of opening a new shop on Zazzle where you’ll be able to purchase cool gear with our logo. The name of the store is Junkyard Gear (cool name right!), and you can take a sneak peek at it here if you would like. It may take a week or two to get it fully set up.

01/08/19 – Alabama Travel Guides has been updated. Order print, or download Alabama Travel Guides for free today. We’ve acquired new travel material and will be updating and adding more pages to our USA Travel Guides over the coming months, as well as our USA Fishing Directory. We’re also planning to move our Testimonials section on the home page to it’s own page soon to make more room for our updates list and other content.

01/06/19 – We’ve been working on our USA Fishing Directory this weekend and will soon post a huge page full of general links for Fishing In Alabama.

01/05/19 – We have updated our USA Travel Guides section of our directory to include new listings for Alabama Travel Guides. This is our first update for travel guides on our website. We will be adding more soon. We’re also working on our USA Fishing Directory and hope to have new links up there soon.

12/29/18 – We have released Issue #2 of our Courtesy Mentions Magazine ahead of schedule and it’s available for your FREE download.

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“I enjoyed discovering your directory and I like that it is ad free here. I look forward to discovering all the great websites, blogs, and businesses that you will be listing here. I have subscribed to receive your listings and newsletters. It’s great to know that your directory has a quality standard it maintains.” Matthew … Continue reading Matthew Douglas

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“I tell everyone I know to check out this directory, and to get listed here if they have a blog. All the sites I’ve discovered here are great.” Melinda we thank you for your support. If you would like to share your feedback about our directory, we would love to hear from you and may … Continue reading Melinda Swanson

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